4:48 am. And Inspired.


Good Wednesday morning. Here are my selections of the inspiring posts of the week:

Elisa Ruland @ South of Easton with her beautiful post titled Despairin memoriam to those who died on 9-11:  “Scouring the rusted steel edges I wanted to find an explanation for the madness, I wanted to feel something instead of going numb, to find beauty in the ugliness.  The pain, horror and confusion was palpable in the blast etched remains of the steel, and the need to walk away was overwhelming.  I left without any answers to calm the static...”  That is Elisa’s photograph above.  Read more at this link.  Check out her other wonderful posts and photographs at this link.

LouAnn @ On the HomeFront with her post titled “Beauty and Grace.” You are asked to write 6 words that describe what your future holds for you.  What are your six words?  Go to this link and read LouAnn’s story.

The Kindness Blog with a post titled: “Go Humans.”  I just began following this blog which posts and shares heartwarming morsels of humanity each day.  Check out this post at at this link.  Take a moment to fan through the other posts over the past week.  I’m convinced you’ll feel a change.

Cristi Moise @ Simple & Interesting his share: People Seeing Their Younger Self in The Mirror. “Tom Hussey is an award-winning lifestyle advertising photographer based in Dallas, Texas. In a series entitled Reflections, Hussey shows a series of elderly people looking in a mirror at their younger self.” Moving.  You’ll find one of Hussey’s pictures below.  You must see the others at this link.

Have a great hump day.




  1. Your blog is truly an inspiration. (You get up awfully early … or stay up awfully late … 4:48 AM indeed.)

    I will now read each of these blogs that you have recommended because I know that they will inspire me.


  2. I am honoured to be among your other inspirations–and as always will check them out


  3. What a great smorgasbord you have for us this morning! Thank you and happy hump day!


  4. I love the mirror picture!!


  5. A wonderous cornucopia of offerings, pal. You always bring it…. 🙂


  6. I like THF post.


  7. Could there be any better way to serve others when what you love to do benefit them as well? Nonetheless, blogging is your hobby but you might have no idea about the degree of inspiration it serves us. I am really grateful to you for that matter. Your posts & inspired sharing does broaden my perspective and I learn how to live life & make the most of it. Thanks a lot David 🙂


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