4:04 am. And Inspired.

swimming in the rain

Good Wednesday morning. Here are my selections of the inspiring posts of the week:

Jon-Mark Davey with his post: Life Changing Moment: “Nothing changes your life like a life-changing moment. It may sound pretty obvious, but that statement doesn’t have real impact until a moment changes your life. One certainly changed ours.” Heartbreaking.  Read more at this link.

Make Believe Boutique (back again) with her share titled The Twinkling Stars Behind Our Sorrow: “…It is rare to meet a person whose life is full of gratitude. Even though the course of a single day may bring innumerable blessings to us, the few moments of genuine gratitude we experience are often overshadowed by our complaints, disappointments, sorrow, and frustration…” Read more at this link.

Angela @ Mindful-Mod with her share titled: Amazing Commencement Address By Barbara Kingsolver: “...This could be your key to a new order: you don’t need so much stuff to fill your life, when you have people in it. You don’t need jet fuel to get food from a farmer’s market. You could invent a new kind of Success that includes children’s poetry, butterfly migrations, butterfly kisses, the Grand Canyon, eternity. If somebody says “Your money or your life,” you could say: Life. And mean it… Read more at this link.

John Smith @ The Strategic Learner with his share: How to Give a Speech. And take a moment to watch this Georgia Tech Freshman LIGHT IT UP during the Freshman Convocation.  Don’t miss this.

Have a great hump day.

cute, animal,dog, puppy

Image Credits: ChristinaSanantonio & Hungarian Soul


  1. Reblogged this on Harvest and commented:
    Angela’s piece on the commencement address is beautiful. Success doesn’t come in the ego fueled accumulation stage of life. You don’t need jet fuel to get food from a farmer’s market. You could invent a new kind of success that includes”…find out more here.


  2. beautiful inspiration )


  3. What a wonderful olio for Wednesday…getting ready to snuggle in and read..


  4. Thanks for the shares this Thursday morning. Love the photos too.


  5. I wish. I wish. I wishhhhh I was there. Let it rain over me while I am inside that ocean/river before I Die… Beautiful. And, the look of the cute puppy – Take that look off your face I gotta go. I wouldn’t be able to turn away if he was here. This time my vote goes to the photos.


  6. Oh what a face! Is that your pup?


  7. Thank you David for the link-up and what a great list b.t.w….Cheers David!


  8. Inspired by the picture..must write.



  1. […] I slept for about an hour and the headache was still elevated but nothing near the onslaught I dealt with twice today. I jumped on the computer to read and get my mind off the pain.  This picture was on David Kanigan’s blog.  https://davidkanigan.com/2013/09/05/404-am-and-inspired/. […]


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