5:33 am. And Inspired.

Foggy reflection of the rising sun

Good Thursday morning. Here we go on my ride of inspiring posts of the week:

  1. Diana Schwenk @ Talk to Diana with her post titled What Can Compare to Love?:  “…Ahh the beautiful things I have seen;  like sunsets/rises, the detailed design and brilliant colours on butterflies, the turquoise lakes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains…and the beautiful sounds I have heard;  like the waves crashing on the shore, the wind blowing through autumn leaves, the crickets’ song at night, a lone wolf howling at the moon…and the beautiful textures I have touched or been touched by;  walking barefoot on lush grass, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, the cleansing coolness of water on a hot day…and the beautiful things I have tasted;  like a crisp and juicy apple freshly picked from a tree, bread fresh from the oven slathered in butter, a cold beer on a hot day...Read more of this wonderful post at this link.
  2. Katy @ k8edid with her post Stuck in the Middle (Age) With You: “…#4 Half the Distance Takes You Twice as Long:  I can no longer open jars by myself, my eyesight is failing faster than my vision insurance covers new lenses, and my teeth are wearing down.  I have fillings older than many billionaire CEO whippersnappers and they are working loose at an alarming rate (the fillings – not the CEOs).  My joints are achy and any rapid movements could land me in traction.  While I don’t yet need a hover-round, I am not exactly zipping about on foot, either.  I’ve traded sexy shoes for comfortable ones.  I spend 2 hours a day on exercise – an hour dreading it, half an hour trying to talk myself into it (by promising myself a bowl of ice cream afterward), and 30 minutes letting the dog drag me down the sidewalk”…Wonderful post (true and funny).  Read more @ this link.
  3. Dr. James Stratford @ Beyond the Call with his post: Finding our Bliss:  “We’ve all had them, those moments when we’re reminded just why it is that we love what we do…When we find our bliss we find what we love, we connect with it at a deep level, and through it we experience more of ourselves just as we also let go of any fears or doubts.”  Read about his Dr. Stratford’s specific moments of bliss at this link.
  4. Moira @ Letters to Hildegard with her post Resignation: “For thousands of years human beings just like me and you, have put down their lyres, laid down their down their weary tunes by the side of a river, on the beach, on a desk, or in a car, with a sob and a scream, perhaps with the windows wound up so no one else can hear. Does that sound like you? Have you had those moments? Moments of sheer frustration that have taken you to the very edge. By the rivers of Babylon is an ancient cry about being enslaved, lamenting being in a land not your own, weeping and wailing and missing home…Read more at this link.
  5. Jeff @ View From the Ledge with his post Meditation on a Grapefruit:…”To tear the husk…like cotton padding a cloud of oil…To ease each pink pale section out of its case…so carefully without breaking…a single pearly cell…the juice pooling until the whole fruit is divided from its skin…and only then to eat…so sweet…”  Read more at this link.
  6. And we’ll close with a photograph from Squirrelmall:

gif, funny, ears, flapping, ears flapping

Have a good day.


Credits: Sunrise by Tom Bradshaw via Mme Scherzo.  Thank you Peg @ Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings for sharing Katy’s post.


  1. Thanks so much – I am honoured!


  2. Will visit, thanks for sharing.



  3. Thanks for these and for the beautiful photo.


  4. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Thanks for making me smile….


  5. A bit late on my part, but delighted to read your recommendations as always…(Lori and I were together at her house – and your ears should have been burning – we felt that had you been there the triumverate would have been complete).


  6. I, too, am late to the party. Another fab line-up, David, and a great little reading list for the weekend. 🙂 The photos are delightful, too. The one at the top is breathtaking and the one at the bottom, adorable. I’ve been to the park where that koala is — amazing place, and wild to be so close to those little fellas. And yes, Mimi & I had a get together–SO FUN! 🙂 Your ears should definitely have been burning… 🙂


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