T.G.I.F.: Eat breakfast. Then think about getting up.


Eat a few carrots.  Build up a head of steam to get to the 5pm bell.  There’s no point in rushing these things you know.

Source: themetapicture

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  1. Sloth!!!! And they always have a smile on their smelly adorable faces…Happy Friday David


  2. Meeelllloooowww! Clearly this guy doesn’t get his britches in a twist over much. Good man… :-). Happy Friday, pal!


  3. Me, in front of the TV with a bowl of chips?


  4. Laughing!! Gives new appreciation to ‘breakfast in bed’ or a “B & B” ! Happy happy Friday…wishing you some sloth time! 🙂


  5. Oh God, I love this so much. The ultimate in mindless eating.


  6. Lkanigan says:

    That guy has it made!


  7. At this age, really want to do that.


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