T.G.I.F.: Sooooo happy to be running to the weekend…

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  1. Put on some shoes Dave, it’s a bit chilly out there.


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  3. Your post is early, David… I’m generally getting ready for bed or have gone to sleep when you post….!
    Happy weekend to you… 🙂
    Cute penguins… Here in Oz it’s been extremely hot (98 today in my neck of the woods). To see these gorgeous penguins is quite cooling…! 😉


  4. “Re-entry” after a nice long break is always harsh, isn’t it? Glad Friday is here–the 5:00 bell will be jangling before you know it… 🙂


  5. Maybe a little “Chariots of Fire” music would be appropriate for this one.


  6. TGIF!


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    The meeting was good..sure we need to get next scheduled and fast..yes sir..


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  9. Poor guys, They’ll never get out of the water at this rate!


  10. I am with them. Yes running I am this weekend…lots to do!!


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    I skipped the annual New Year’s Day fundraiser in Ocean City, MD, for Atlantic General Hospital. I’ve seen it before, and it looks something like this.

    It’s not that hard to restrain myself from starting the New Year by running into the Atlantic Ocean, no matter how good the cause. Now if I can only maintain such self-discipline for 12 more months, it will be a great year. However, I still intend to learn to hula hoop. — John


  12. I am ready to get this weekend started…too much time off makes it soooo hard to get back in the swing of things!


  13. Alex Jones says:

    I am working over the weekend. No rest for me!


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