Excuses. Stack ’em up.

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#3: My job takes my time and energy. #4: I’m too tired. #14: The weather sucks. #15: I AM NOT MOTIVATED.  There we go.  They are on the table.  My excuses not to exercise (again).  Leo Babauta @ Zen Habits wrote a recent post titled 15 Great Excuses Not to Form the Fitness Habit that has lingered with me.  He lists 15 excuses that have blocked him from exercise – along with his “excuse blasters.”  And of course, I’ve added my commentary…

  1. I don’t have the time. (DK: No. Can make time.)
  2. I have kids, dude. (DK: No. Not at home. Not any more. Sigh. SIGH.)
  3. My job takes my time and energy. (DK: Yes.  So do it in the morning.)
  4. I’m too tired. (DK: Yes, but please. Do something.) 
  5. I’m sick or injured. (DK: No, thankfully. Often, return back to this NY Times article on nagging injuries.)
  6. My family isn’t supportive. (DK: Never.)
  7. The gym is too expensive, or too far. (DK: No. Gym membership…been there, done that. Get outside. Missed this post?  Worthy – 27 Rules for Conquering the gym.)
  8. It’s too hard. (DK: No.  Do Something.) 
  9. I don’t have the right equipment/clothes. (DK: No. JUST DO IT.)
  10. I’m not good at it. (DK: No.  Do something. Please do something)
  11. I don’t know how. (DK: No Do Something.  Who cares?)
  12. I’m not strong, fast, flexible. (DK: No. Strong enough.  Fast enough. Not flexible at all – who cares. Often revert back to this NY Times article on stretching.)
  13. I hate running. (DK: No.  Don’t love it but don’t hate it either.)
  14. The weather sucks (too cold, rainy, hot, etc.). (DK: Yes, I’ve used this sorry excuse.  But can do it inside and still don’t do it.)
  15. I’m not motivated. (DK: YES.  This one is the most frequent recurring excuse. Check out Leo’s post where Leo does a nice job in “blasting away #1 to #14…But Leo, where’s the solve for #15, the Big Enchilada??????)

Image: Marc Johns

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  1. You need to do it stay healthy (DK: I KNOW..not a good enough reason)
    You would be really ticked at yourself if you shortened your time with your family by one second (DK: Ok, Mim, you got me there).
    You are motivated Dave, you’re just too busy talking to yourself. You’ve proven that you can carry on a conversation while running – so…
    Bottom line – you just matter too damn much to too many people to not consider them a good enough reason to get up. I know this to be true.


    • Laughing. I looked at time stamp. You didn’t even have to think 3 seconds to nail me with that. Wow. You are like a coiled spring. And here I felt bad that you were still recovering from surgery. You can still pop off while medicated.

      #16: You spend too much time talking to yourself and there’s not enough time to exercise. (DK: YES. Leo! Intervention required.)


      • There’s just something about you pal – you are like the flip side of my coin. Ok, you’re male, I’ve never met you, I wouldn’t recognize you if I tripped into you – but it doesn’t matter. I just have the same conversations in my own head – with the same lack of success and subsequent self-flagellation. Just one of those universal surprises – just consider me an irritating yacking blue jay just sittin’ on your shoulder. And yes – my capacity for popping off when medicated is family legend. 😉


  2. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Get over it.

    Just go.


  3. You two really should take your act on the road….. 😉


  4. I like your excuses sooooo much!


  5. My dog requires a LONG walk every day. Rain or shine. The truth is, I require that walk too. When I don’t want to do it, he just looks at me and I melt. We are both better off.


  6. Okay, I need to get back with it… Maybe tomorrow 🙂


  7. I assumed this was directed at me to point out how lazy I was about exercise. I certainly never thought David Kanigan was uninspired. You have me feeling very guilty now, so I guess I should make an effort to exercise more than my keyboard fingers.


  8. Alex Jones says:

    Surprised not to see a popular British excuse in those US ones: “I am too old”.


  9. ROFL! I am with you Dave because even I come up with thousands of excuses when I am not in a mood to do something. Hilarious Man.


  10. Yeap, i know (and use) all of them… i know, i should be ashamed of myself…….


  11. These are sadly familiar. I am trying to do four days every week. GAH. So easily boooooooored. Hate the gym. Hate (truly loathe) fluorescent lights. I spend my workday tethered to a machine (computer) so doing it to be healthy at the gym….shriek.

    I have tried to create an appealing mix of activities: walk, bike, hike, golf (even 45 mins at the driving range is exercise), dance class, Zumba, pool aerobics. It took me a while to figure out what will actually make me exercise — being outdoors (Yaktrax! Buy them today) in all weathers, great music and/or being with friends. Anything else is torture.

    Do it now! 🙂


  12. Reblogged this on John Persch und kommentierte:
    15 Ausreden, warum man sich nicht um seine Fitness kümmern kann. Aber leider genau auch die Ausreden, warum man den Status quo unbedingt erhalten muss.


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