Work-Out Inspiration: I need a personal fitness coach…

To show me the proper push-up form…

To keep me from cheating…

To keep me going and going and going…

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  1. This is hysterical!


  2. That is a riot! My big male Dobe used to come and lay down across me when I would try to do Pilates mat exercises in the living room floor. Guess he thought I needed 85 extra lbs. of resistance… 😉


    • Funny. 85lbs. That’s a load to lift. Our Zeke lies down right in front of me staring me down – “Daddy, enough of this nonsense. You don’t really want to do it…let’s go play”


  3. Hahahaha…..what a little helper!


  4. Cats are helpful like this…


  5. This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. My cats often join me in meditation. Silence is a problem, though.


  6. LOL. That’s really good concentration with help like that.


  7. the cat is doing stretch up :))


  8. Made me laugh. I have a couple of cats who try to “help” me when I’m doing my yoga stretching.


  9. I just LOVE this one. And yes, I watched the loop many times. Still laughing!


  10. Alex Jones says:

    A catalyst for positive change.


  11. lol…


  12. That is SO cute! :}


  13. You HONESTLY almost got me killed, from too much laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. A personal fitness coach who is an expert in his field would not only help you learn the skills of exercise and others but will actually motivate you to complete your strict exercise regimen and get your fitness goal.


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