Zeke and Ralph…

Ralph and Zeke - Vizla Buddies

We were overdue for a Zeke post.

That’s our Zeke on the right. He’ll be five years old in December. That’s Ralph on the left. Ralph is two and he’s Zeke’s “BFF.”

They are both Vizslas but Ralph comes from Hungarian lineage – bigger boned, bigger paws and carrying the squared off handsome look of Sean Connery.

Ralph is not much of a swimmer but he gobbles up a whole lot of earth in a hurry. Zeke, ever the optimizer, can’t catch Ralph in a dead heat and cuts corners to run Ralph down.

They walk together 3-4x a week and have become a common sight around our neighborhood. Despite his size advantage, Ralph is deferential to his adopted “older brother.” He greets Zeke with kisses each time he comes over for his walk.

These two keep a smile on my face long after they are gone for their walk – Mother Nature power washing me with her warmth, her beauty and wave upon wave of dog happiness.

Good Sunday morning…

Photo Credit: Thank you Susan.

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  1. You know I’m in heaven – show me four footed ‘kids’ and I’m a goner. What beautiful boys!! A kiss on the nose to them both.


  2. They are gorgeous, David. They certainly do look like BFF. 🙂


  3. What a handsome pair! Lord knows I’m a sucker for any type of canid companion, and these two really are adorable! I’m just in from a delightful stroll through the leaves with my pack, and you’re right, David, time spent with dogs *always* puts a smile on one’s face. Give Zeke a big squeeze for me! 🙂


  4. Great Sunday post…..makes me smile! 🙂


  5. There is NOTHING quite like “dog happiness”…Zeke is about the same age as my Bella. Beautiful dogs!


  6. Dogs are wonderful, we have 2 Boston terriers and two yellow labs they bring so much joy to our lives. But my husbands favorite dog was Ruffy a Vizsla he had for many years as a young man. I showed him your picture and he loved the pups! Happy Sunday David.


  7. OH what beautiful dogs. There personalities shine through in this wonderful photo. A smile was on my face just looking at them. Made my day!



  8. They’re obviously loved and well-cared for, but no matter how handsome Ralph is, I doubt if Sean Connery would be flattered by your comparison.
    Guess you could have called him Sean instead of Ralph….


  9. What a pose by both. Must be something to watch them play.


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