Sunday Morning Skies

Still life by Nicholas Hely-Hutchinson (1950)Laying in just after waking
Covers pulled tight, no chance of moving
Looking through open widows
At a clear blue Sunday sky
Smiling through memories
Those thoughts which fill head
Of the night before, the days to come
The way friends are always near
In a perfect innocence their words
Carry away all worries
Becoming distracted by the self
Coffee and toast on the bedside
Slowly going cold
Sleep still lingers in the eye
A soft breeze blows in
Television on in the background
A morning of rest and recollection
While looking at a clear blue sky
The joy of a Sunday morning

~ Matthew Holloway


Quote Source: Thank you GP.  Painting: “Still Life” by Nicholas Hely-Hutchinson.  English Painters (1950).  Thank you madamescherzo vi art-and-dream.


  1. All that’s missing is the dogs snuggled up or either side, snoring softly… 🙂


  2. AHHH YES! A peaceful Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing.



  3. Aha……


  4. Perfect…coming from your pal who is reading this at Starbucks instead of home because we are once again without power…this imagery is the ideal (with Lori’s welcome addition of the dogs)


  5. Lovely! I too love Sunday mornings. 🙂


  6. I love Sunday mornings! Although today, we are waiting impatiently for my daughter to finish cutting the brand new Ramones t-shirt she bought yesterday so we can hop on the Subway and continue our New York adventure. Next week … covers!


  7. Sundays are good, especially when there’s no pressure to go to work on Monday.


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