Best Jobs in America

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Click on image above and then click again on the image in the article for a full size view of the Best Jobs In America. No surprise – Technology, Healthcare, Telecom and Professional Services rank high on the list.  Interesting research and findings. Best Jobs:

  • Online Affiliates posting links for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter (Categorized as high pay, low stress).
  • Mathematician
  • Actuary
  • Statistician
  • Computer systems analyst

Hit for full article titled “Want a Tough Job?  Do the Math.”

Source: Thank you for the share.

    Note: Rachel/Eric, I hope you are reading and digesting this too!
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  1. Interesting stuff. I will share with my children. Thanks for sharing, David.


    • Thanks Kristin. I sent the kids, the link, the image, and a prod – I’m hoping something hits home. And after years of pushing (Math, English, Reading, Math, English, Reading…), I’m hoping that they see that Dad wasn’t a complete whacko.


  2. My sentiments exactly as my youngest daughter plans to head to Marquette’s program next year….


  3. Interesting stuff.


  4. Hmmm, I bet artists wouldn’t be even appear in a top 100 job list!
    Oh, well…


  5. And now I have a new place to look at art….

    PS..We did not make the cut either (undertakers)


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