Monday Morning Wake-Up Call. It’s time to FLY!

Fly Ducklings. Fly.

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  1. Ok, they’re just too cute…!


  2. It’s lovely.


  3. Alex Jones says:

    I do like your Monday Morning photos; a good way to start the new week off.


  4. Love it.


  5. Are dey ducks? Dey vewy cute! LOL


  6. I look forward to these Monday morning photos so much, David! These little fuzzy bundled embody joie de vivre to me…. :-). Into the breach, lads!


  7. Adorable.


  8. Love it! A very good friend of mine, an avian photographer, monitors wood duck boxes and this image reminds me of some his amazing images and the work he does. This is a great way to start out the week, though on a Monday morning, I rarely feel like flying, unless it’s to go back to bed! 🙂 Or back to the coffee maker!


  9. How cute are thoses little fellas… Great picture!


  10. lkanigan says:

    You did it again…great find! Can’t stop smiling at them.


  11. Absolutely adorable!


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