Think I’ll go for a ride…

I’m jumping the gun on my Saturday morning work-out inspiration clip – but this morning feels like a bike ride.  This music video was instant inspiration for me and brought back childhood memories.  Thank you Rob Firchau for sharing.  Enjoy…

Think I’ll go for a ride…take the bike out of the shed…make a fresh start…when the head spins…there is no joy…put me on the saddle…and I’m a little boy…a little boy on a mission…we’re like Fred and Ginger…when the’re doing their dance…to the sound of rubber…out on the old bog road…I’m as free as a bird…It helps me remember…How good it used to be…feeling like a king…the bike, the road, and me…You hope the skies don’t open…when home is many miles…you think your’e just cruising…life is flowing along…a fall or a puncture…anything can go wrong…you’re vulnerable…at the mercy of the wind…with every hill you climb…you begin and begin and begin…with the freedom of the road…summer evenings on the road…the cool breeze in my hair…poetry in motion…on two wheels in Kildare…”

Source: Thank you The Hammock Papers.

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  1. My 10-speed red Schwinn was my best friend for many summers… the music. Definitely brought back any great memories….thank you for that.


  2. Really lovely…I love how he ‘talks’ the song, as if he’s riding along with you and telling the story simultaneously..I’d never heard of Luka Bloom – thank you for the awesome introduction.


  3. There’s something about climbing on my bike that makes me feel 10 all over again. Another delightful image/music combo, David!


  4. Been thinking the last week of getting bike. This helped. Thanks!


  5. Some days, I really wonder, where is the “love” button, as in “I love this”. 🙂


  6. Love the refrain, “I think I’ll go for a ride.” Nice song!!


  7. I loved so much… I am crazy with bike and one day I will have a one and ride… Thank you, I enjoyed so much. Love, nia


  8. Oh I would love to be in the countryside taken a ride!


  9. So often your timing is scary for me. I ordered my new commute bike several weeks ago. It arrives next week. I am committed to daily commuting to work by bike once my dream machine shows up. Let’s see if I go straight to work or detour as this guy does. I need to find a stream, stop and relax.

    Thanks for sharing this. I will watch it many times I expect.

    My Irish loves it too. So cool.

    – Michael


    • Hi Michael. I too found this so good. Have listened to it many times. Commuting to work on your bike. Sounds so cool – and possible in Bay Area maybe. Here, it would be hazardous to your health (and your life). Have a good weekend. Dave


  10. Alex Jones says:

    Cycling around the United Kingdom is an adventure. On the country lanes can be dangerous though with their blind bends and narrowness. Cars move so fast.


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