I learn more about life when I’m in it…

“People these days don’t know how to just sit in a room or any environment and merely absorb it and take it in. Instead, they have mind-numbing games on their phone to devote their attention to, facebook updates to know about, text messages and tweets to send, beautiful robotically edited pictures to post in an attempt to make their life seem somewhat interesting and from this desire to let people know what they are doing. And they miss the beauty in the details and the little things; they miss living in that beauty.

Sometimes I want to ask them things like, did you not notice the textures and shape of that room, did you not hear what he was really saying, did you not see the large bird molesting the smaller birds in the tree, did you not see that adorable old couple on the bench helping one another to their feet, did you not only see but feel what was going on in that room? Or were you too busy on your phone?

When we look back on our lives are we going to be a collection of meaningless gaming hours, ambiguous updates, cheap tweets and instagram photos? Is that what’s going to really make our memories and keep us living in the moment to make those memories?

Maybe it’s just me, but I learn more about life, myself and others when I’m in it. And I just want other people to be in it and learning with me too. So like all things in life, use your phone in moderation and focus on truly making those memories.”

~ Rex X

Quote Source: Rex X.  Image Source: Crescent Moon

Related Article: NY Times: The “Busy” Trap (Thanks for sharing Lori)

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    Technology can create separation and enslavement, but the wise makes technology a tool to enhance the experience of the moment.


  2. This really cuts to the heart of it. I personally don’t realize how “invasive” technology can become in my day-to-day life til I’m forced to do without–through a power outage, trip to someplace that doesn’t support “24 hr. accessibility,” etc. I’m always a bit chagrined to realize how much I’m missing/not seeing, doing, etc. while I’m busy peering at my mobile device. From time to time, we shut off our mobile access point here at the house for the day, as a “forced retreat” of sorts. It’s always so refreshing that I wonder why I don’t just “walk away from the devices.” Alex is right–making the technology work for you is the key…


  3. *Just* read this piece in the NYTimes and it struck me as a nice ‘companion piece’ to this post, David….http://bit.ly/MzQte0


  4. lkanigan says:

    Great piece Dave! As I was reading made me think about the kids and how “More is caught than taught”. Better choices…better memories!!


  5. Rannie Hewitt says:

    I was pointing out ther very same thing to my son just recently, as he is always doing something on his phone…. people miss so much.


    • Yes…I take away their phones occasionally to watch the reaction, they get incredibly agitated. I tell them they are welcome to sit and chat or pay for their own cell service. Calm lasts a few minutes…:)


  6. Rannie Hewitt says:

    Nice….. 🙂 will have to try that


  7. Reblogged this on Holistic me and commented:
    This is so true. Learning to live in the now might be the most important thng we ever learn, or master.


  8. You can’t replace the leaves of life once they have fallen from the tree. Thanks David.


  9. Barneysday says:

    We are so interconnected by technology today that we’ve become disconnected and isolated from living. I see this theme more frequently these days, just as sales of phones and iPads continue to increase. We’ve perhaps all bought into the need for the latest gadgets, while deep down realize we are only isolating our selves further. Good post.


  10. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    I must starting reading your posts in the order in which you posted them….


  11. Natacha says:

    Well said!!!


  12. I was thinking about this the other day… I spend some time on my fb and twitter account and at some point, I was like “What am I doing?”. So I went on a three day social services diet and sat down and read a good book. Will be practicing this twice a month. It didn’t hurt me, and I was happy with the results.


  13. Its because we compare our lives with others thats why we just try to focus on whats missing in our lives or what would make it look better and interesting.


  14. Like I always say: “Personality and character”,and “life” like you said, cannot be locked or really perceived online”. No social network or any other virtual device, phone, etc., can replace reality. They give a distort perspective of things.


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