Eat. Pray. Work. Love.

eat pray work love

Tanmay Vora @ QAspire wrote an excellent post titled: 8 Life Lessons From Yoga Workshop where he shares 8 lessons from a renowned spiritual teacher and a Yogi.  Here’s 2 excerpts:

Discipline is a pre-requisite for greatness….Yoga is about persistent practice. Whatever we decide to do, we need to do it everyday. Religiously. Regularly. Systematically. Thoughtfully. Discipline beats resistance we encounter while attempting difficult stuff.

Eat. Pray. Work. Love. In one of the sessions, our teacher asked us to recite the following words: “Eat half, Double the intake of water, exercise three times more, laugh four times more (remain happy), work five times more and pray ten times more”. It is a simple, yet very powerful advice for health and happiness.

Hit this link 8 Life Lessons From Yoga Workshop to read the entire post.

Source:  Thank you Michael Wade @ Execupundit for pointing me to the post.

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  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Gotta work harder at laughing 🙂 ! It sounds silly put this way, but it sure is easy to take everything too seriously.


  2. Nice inspiration!


  3. Wonderfully thought provoking, David, thank you for sharing. I particularly like “this moment is powerful,” as I often fall prey to rehashing what’s past or worrying about/anticipating what’s to come. Can get in the way of just enjoying the present to the fullest…. And as LaDona pointed out, more laughter is always a good thing too. 🙂


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