89°F and got that Summer feeling…

I have been following David’s blog @ David R. Wetzel’s Photography.  In addition to being a “semi-professional photographer”, I learned that David is an author, a writer and a painter.  (Oh, if I could become a Master in just one of his exceptional talents.)  David was kind enough to let me share two of his paintings that grabbed my immediate attention.  While David currently resides in Alabama, he has managed to transport me to another place and time for a few minutes this evening.  I do have that Summer Feeling.

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  1. The lighthouse painting would look good on my wall, but could it live in a place where today’s high was 16 degrees C.?


  2. lkanigan says:

    Photos really catch the eye. 100F today…108F by Friday…and we just started summer!


  3. Wow – what a talented individual!


  4. Alex Jones says:

    Colourful paintings suitable for a vibrant room.


  5. Great artist. Love the lighthouse.


  6. David does amazing work. Thank you for sharing some of his work with us.


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