3:51am and INSPIRED!

Today’s kick-off song is a tribute to Robin Gibb who died on Sunday at 62 years of age after a long battle with cancer.  And then on to inspiring posts from some of my favorite bloggers…

From South East Queensland, Australia: Tracie Louise @ Tracie Louise Photography with her inspirational post titled “You Can Change the World”: “Maybe it’s not the job that is the problem. Maybe it’s you…DN changed his reality by changing his attitude…He did 3 things which turned his life around in record time…” 

And after reading Tracie’s post above, if you do nothing else today, check out Tracie’s Challenge Wins & Top 10 Photos.  INCREDIBLE.  AMAZING PHOTOS. If you think the Birdie photo to the right is a great shot, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Bucket list here we come…

From Vancouver Island: Anneli Purchase – – writer, freelance copy-editor, novelist, birdwatcher and blogger. Anneli’s blog handle is @ wordsfromanneli and she commented on my post last week post titled: “Do you want to spend your life eking out barely better solutions to problems we’ve already solved?”

Wow! There’s a mouthful in this post. I prefer to keep it simple. Leave the big naive questions (Who am I? Why am I here?) for the young immortals. I just want to go through life having done good wherever I am. It can be in small ways every day.Kind of like erosion – until everything is smooth. Little kindnesses in every interaction every day. And above all, enjoy the short time I have on this earth.”

From Winfield, Alabama: Rose Byrd @ GranBee who snaps out thoughtful and witty comments before I can finishing saying boo.  She’s a writer, a nature lover, hiker, gardener, artist, pianist, grandmother, part-time techie geek, spiritual seeker, volunteer, peace-lover, and democracy lover.  And here is Rose’s response after watching the clip titled “Just In Case You Missed it.”

“Having grown up on the farm and gone to college on a scholarship, I am totally applauding this guy for working his way through Columbia and graduating with honors. So very right on while so many are whining about high tuition costs and student loans, etc. How many of them scrubbed toilets, eh?”

Have a great Hump Day everyone…

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  1. Rest in peace Robin…loved the BeeHees…love the pics!


  2. Loved the Bee Gees. Thanks for sharing amazing blogs.



  3. Boy does their music bring back memories! No one else sounded (sounds) like them…..what an era.


  4. I’m not motivated until at least 4:30….in the afternoon.


  5. The Bee Gees – first concert that I ever went to. My dad took me to The Bee Gees and my brother to Kiss back in the late 70s. My dad thought the Bee Gees were much more enjoyable. Sorry Gene Simmons, you were too loud for dad. Have a great day, David.


  6. I was so in love with Robin Gibb as a teenager. If he’d asked me to marry him, I would have said ‘yes’. Sixty-two is too young to die D:
    By the way, do you ever sleep? 3.51am? I ban myself from active thought until 6am each day.
    Those are great photos:-)


    • Yes 62 is too young. Agree. Could not sleep last night. Zeke (Vizsla dog) decided he wanted to sleep on my side of the bed and could not move him…so up and at it we went…Zeke wins again. 🙂 Yes, love the photos. She’s amazing.


  7. photographybyjoylene says:

    I was watching father/daughter dance videos this morning and now Boogie Shoes is stuck in my head!


  8. Great post. Very sad to be losing one Bee Gee after another. I wish great artists of all types could live forever and continue to give the world the benefit of their talents.


  9. David, you have me weeping with joy and pleasure over your incredible accolades to me and to my blog! Thank you, dear man! I am dancin’ to the BeeGees “Stayin’ Alive” at this desk right now!


  10. Yes indeed….stayin alive!


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