Guest Post: Eric to Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for:
  • Putting others before yourself
  • Killing bugs in my room for me
  • Always being so optimistic and finding something positive to say
  • Making me yummy breakfast
  • Teaching me that winning isn’t everything
  • Being so forgiving
  • Defending me until the end (mostly from Dad)
  • Caring and teaching me the importance of caring for others
    You personify that "good things come in small packages!"
I found this video and I thought you would really enjoy it. (And btw, this blog post is in lieu of a card and flowers – I thought it would be more personal than Hallmark and FTD). Smile
Love you,


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  1. Loved this! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!


  2. Well done Eric! Happy Mother’s Day to your mom!


  3. Very sweet. Poor dad!


  4. This was so touching!! Thanks for sharing.


  5. lkanigan says:

    Great job Eric. Very creative.


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