Internet Friendships…

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  1. looks about right…


  2. Alex Jones says:

    Ha ha, thats so true of how some people think.


  3. I have nothing in common with most of the people i know in real life… and SO much in common with fellow people on the internet. One of the reasons I started – and love – blogging!


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  5. Isn’t it the damnedest thing? I’m blessed with good friends nearby, but delight in many of my virtual friends as well. In short, I think I’m doubly blessed. 🙂


  6. With internets friends, we’ve already connected on a deeper, more vulnerable level through dialogue, but we’re still very anonymous. It’s much harder to get that naked in person (well… for some of us) 🙂


  7. Reblogged this on My Perspective and commented:
    Thanks for cleaning this up, my awesome internet friend…


  8. That is spookily spot on! 🙂


  9. oakworld says:

    ha ha ha…so true!


  10. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    So – my friend – that puts you somewhere between awesome and practically my twin. And no petty annoyances to deal with – ever.
    Works for me…


  11. you are right


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