A Tribute: Where the Wild Things Are…

Sendak, in his quote below, summarizes my operating philosophy.

I’m certainly not the most intelligent leader. (Thundering applause in the stadium from my team – – in complete agreement.)

And, not the best strategic operator.  Or even possess average analytical skills compared to the crackerjacks I’m surrounded by. (Roof coming off stadium  – Team giddy in agreement.)

However.  However, as to fierce honesty” – FIERCE HONESTY, there’s no doubting the boss on his proclamation of competence in this area. (You can now hear a pin drop.  With murmurs and grumbling oozing out of the rafters.)

Don’t let your team down.

Don’t let your team members get unfairly punished.

Don’t let your team “be dealt with a boring, simpering, crushing-of-the-spirit kind of way.”

In other words, L-E-A-D.

Yes, he got it right in so many ways.  Maurice Sendak died on Tuesday.  He was best known for his book “Where the Wild Things Are” and his childrens’ illustrations.  Many of us and our children grew up with his book in our hands.

“If there’s anything I’m proud of in my work – it’s not that I draw better; there’s so many better graphic artists than me – or that I write better, no. It’s – and I’m not saying I know the truth, because what the hell is that? But what I got from Ruth and Dave, a kind of fierce honesty, to not let the kid down, to not let the kid get punished, to not suffer the child to be dealt with in a boring, simpering, crushing-of-the-spirit kind of way.”

– Maurice Bernard Sendak, 1929 – May 8, 2012

God speed on your journey Maurice…

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  1. God speed indeed. I rather wish I could go where the wild things are, right now…..
    It won’t happen, but I wish a few managers at my company would read your post…..


  2. David, This is a great post and a nice tribute. Read the book to my kids many times.


  3. Great tribute post & wonderful choice of quote at the end….He will be missed, but his stories live on.


  4. What a fun post using a hugely favorite story illustrations.



  5. I often read this to my classes at school. The kids loved it. I’m always sorry when someone dies who gave us so much and probably still had a lot more to give.


  6. Thank you David for the nice post, my oldest son who is 30 was very said to hear the news, where the wild things are is still one of his favorites.


  7. Great tribute to an amazing talent..


  8. Loved Maurice Bernard Sendak’s words ! Wisdom of words ! Once again thank you David, for the effort to bring fabulous stuff.


  9. Alex Jones says:

    Where the Wild Things Are appears to have had a big impact on many people, from all the media and blog tributes I have come across to the author. I vaguely read this book as a child.


  10. Reblogged this on My Perspective and commented:
    Well done, David…


  11. I must have read the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to my children every night for I don’t know how long, and never got sick of the book. My dog has yellow eyes and looks exactly like a wild thing when she’s being impish.

    Have you read Maurice Sendak’s ‘In the Night Kitchen’? It’s very strange.


  12. Always loved this. Thanks for the tribute. Reblogging at: http://www.skillsservices.co.za


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