So, take a moment to ask yourself…

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  1. You are an inspiration David – well done.


  2. Thank you Mimi


  3. That’s right!


  4. Plenty of things are conspiring to stop me, but I refuse to submit.


  5. Perfect timing! Thanks David.


  6. David, kismet is in full swing this morning. Following up on this post and the recent “hug discussion,” a friend alerted me to a fabulous TED talk by Brene Brown on “The Power of Vulnerability.” I found it really compelling and I think you might as well….


  7. Goes perfectly with my new motto “Just Do It!” (also from your blog).


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    Next Question: Who is Stopping You?


  9. Great post David. We can sometimes be our own worst enemy by procrastinating that there is something that keeps us from becoming greater than we are. We should knock down those invisible barriers and not be afraid of the things we not yet know but will never know unless we try. I had a young employee once that was asked “WHY” and his response was “WHY NOT”.

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  10. Awesome!


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    May 10, 2012 By David Kanigan


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