Walking. Under the Red Maple.

Cove Island Park Walk. At Daybreak. 394 consecutive days. Like in a Row.

A handful of days after the long Memorial Day weekend. Reader: Hold that thought.

4:36 a.m. Dark Sky app is calling for 100% cloud cover, 50% chance of rain. Ugh.

I’m out the door.

I arrive at the park. Cloud cover ~60%. No rain. Not a hint of rain. Take that Dark Sky A.I.

Two loops around the park and I’m heading back to the car.

I’m 500 feet from the parking lot and I notice the tree.

Was this beautiful little tree here before? No chance. I would have seen it, for sure. Almost 400 consecutive days in a row, and I missed it?

Look at the fresh soil build up around the base. Could a tree this large have been transplanted?

What kind of tree it this? Red Maple? Could you possibly be this clueless? A Canadian who doesn’t know his trees?

I glance at my watch. Time to get home.

I quickly snap a shot of the tree and keep walking. And note that I couldn’t even get the entire tree within the frame. Really!?!


I stop.

This tree is pulling me back.

I walk back. [Read more…]

Remembering the lost platoon

Important to watch to the end…

Good Morning, Vietnam

The Best Robin Williams’ moments from the movie Good Morning, Vietnam. Robin Williams, RIP, 1951-2014.


Charle Haughey's Vietnam War Photo

It was last month.  I don’t recall the day.  Just another weekday.

Off to work.  Barreling down I-95. Same route.  Each day.  Autopilot.  Not Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness.  Simple Mindlessness.

Flicking through iPod.  Can’t settle on a band or a tune.  Restless.

Foot heavy on accelerator.  Glance at speedometer.  Pushing your luck Pal.  Only a matter of time.  And you’ll earn it. (Again.)

Traffic backs up at Stamford exits as morning rush hour builds.

A black Chevrolet pick-up swings into my lane.

The iconic orange, white and black Harley logo on rear window.

Left hand bumper is adorned with a frayed sticker: 1968-1972: Marines. Vietnam Vet.

I stare.

Connecticut Plate 123JAR.

What does JAR stand for? [Read more…]

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