Nap Time!


  • 34% of adults in the U.S. say they take a nap on a typical day.
  • A person who dreams during a short nap is likely sleep deprived.
  • As we age there is a tendency to take and be satisfied with shorter naps.
  • Ideal nap time: 1pm – 4pm.  Napping later in the day can interfere with falling asleep at night.
  • A 10-20 minute nap packs the most punch. You can feel groggy after 20-30 minute naps. A 60 minute nap may do more harm than good.
  • To avoid a deep sleep, it’s best to sleep slightly upright

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30% of U.S. Workers Get < 6 Hours of Sleep A Night.

wsj - sleep 3These statistics are shocking.  And here I thought I was in a minority class…

“A growing number of Americans don’t get enough sleep, thanks to higher stress and other factors”

“Some 20% of automobile accidents come as the result of drowsy drivers”

“U.S. military researchers, meanwhile, have concluded that sleeplessness is one of the leading causes of friendly fire.”

“Technology was making the world smaller by the day; the global economy blurred the lines between one day and the next, and things like time and place were supposed to be growing ever less important in the always-on workplace”

“74%: People who drink a caffeinated beverage on an average weekday”

“13%: People who drink more than six caffeinated beverages on an average weekday”

wsj - sleep

“Researchers are increasingly finding that lack of sleep is terrible for our health. Sleeplessness has been linked to increased rates of heart disease, obesity, stroke and even certain cancers. The exact reasons for these effects are still largely unknown, but give support to the theory that sleep is the time when our bodies naturally repair themselves on a cellular level.”

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I need an oximetry test. (A what test?)…

Laura Stack @ The Productivity Pro Blog wrote an post titled “Sleep Your Way to a Productive Day!”  The post included a quiz to determine “how sleepy you are” and what you can do about it.  Good post.  I’m part way home on recommendations (light meals [no donuts], no alcohol, TV off) but a long way from home.  (Note to Self: Read. Re-Read. Digest. Do.) 

Here’s the quiz.  Don’t ask my score.  Based on results, I need an oximetry test and probably a battery of other tests.  (I had to look up “oximetry” in Webster’s).  How did you score? Any additional advice for those insomniacs among us?  All tips are welcome.

  1. Do you get sleepy while at your desk during the day?
  2. Do you consistently get grumpy or feel low?
  3. Do you need an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning?
  4. Do you hit an afternoon “slump” after you eat?
  5. If you were a passenger in a car for an hour during the day, would you nod off if you didn’t take a break?
  6. Would you fall asleep if you sat quietly and read during the day?
  7. Are you likely to doze off while watching TV during the day?
  8. Do you get fewer than six hours of sleep at night?

Total number of “yes” answers: _______

Check your score to see how sleepy you are:

  • 1 – 3 Congratulations, you are getting enough sleep!
  • 4 – 5 You are sleep deprived.
  • 6 and up Seek the advice of a sleep specialist!

If your score is 6 or higher, you might want to consider having your primary care physician order an oximetry test on you, just to rule out a more serious problem.

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