Polling Closed. Results are in…

Back on December 26th, I asked for your feedback on my blog title in a post titled: “The Voting Polls Are Open.”  I also asked you to vote on a number of choices.  The results are in.  Before sharing the final tally, I thought I would share several verbatims that I found interesting:

  • Since when did start taking polls to make a decision Mr. Gallup? 🙂
  • I curious.  When did you start taking direction from anyone?  (There’s a theme running here.)
  • “Laugh” seems to be missing.  “Live.Learn.Laugh.” (This came up several times in comments.)
  • I think “Big Ideas from a Big Head” or “Lead.Learn.Live.Loser.” is best. (Thank you children for your continued support.)
  • Perhaps a title like, “Thrive,” as it is energetic, positive, and gives a sense of moving forward. Makes me think of the word “alive.”
  • The tag line words should have a more logical sequencing.  “Live.Learn.Lead.” makes more sense in the flow of life’s lessons.  (Jay and Joe C, I’ve been dwelling on this for months.) [Read more…]

Lead-Learn Mashup

Image Source: Source: beantz via crescentmoon06

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