Polling Closed. Results are in…

Back on December 26th, I asked for your feedback on my blog title in a post titled: “The Voting Polls Are Open.”  I also asked you to vote on a number of choices.  The results are in.  Before sharing the final tally, I thought I would share several verbatims that I found interesting:

  • Since when did start taking polls to make a decision Mr. Gallup? 🙂
  • I curious.  When did you start taking direction from anyone?  (There’s a theme running here.)
  • “Laugh” seems to be missing.  “Live.Learn.Laugh.” (This came up several times in comments.)
  • I think “Big Ideas from a Big Head” or “Lead.Learn.Live.Loser.” is best. (Thank you children for your continued support.)
  • Perhaps a title like, “Thrive,” as it is energetic, positive, and gives a sense of moving forward. Makes me think of the word “alive.”
  • The tag line words should have a more logical sequencing.  “Live.Learn.Lead.” makes more sense in the flow of life’s lessons.  (Jay and Joe C, I’ve been dwelling on this for months.)

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Over 100 of you voted.  And many sent emails as a follow-up.  Thank you.  Almost 60% of you voted for no change – and suggested that I “dance with the one that brought me here.”

And the final decision: No change.  Majority Rules.  “Lead.Learn.Live.” it is.

There.  Now that this decision has been made the earth can resume rotating around the sun and I can sleep more restfully at night. 🙂

Thank you for your feedback and for humoring me with this exercise.  I appreciate your thoughts.

By the way, the Polling function on WordPress is simple to use and effective.  I highly recommend it.

Onward and forward.

Happy 2013.


  1. Just keep blogging. Thanks for what you do, Dave.


  2. Well, I’m happy… 🙂


  3. Your blog is the nuts, whatever you call it. Full stop. 🙂


  4. Yes. I win. Fun.


  5. I’m a bit concerned at this idea of ‘majority rules’ David; no good can come of it …


  6. Good title and why leave a winner, you have an interesting blog.


  7. Fabulous! The first choice is the best choice!


  8. Yay! 🙂 Happy New Year, David.


  9. Rolando Asuan says:

    Am glad that your Blog’s title remain the same.  I have the same sentiments as the majority – am just been silent as always.   You LEAD , and we Learn from your leading and your blogs and your Examples, and because of that – we LIVE and have a LIFE.   HAPPY NEW YEAR, DAVE.  OUR BEST TO SUSAN AND THE KIDS.   Always your friend, Rolly



  10. Hi David!

    I’ve been away for a while trying to market my books etc… Hope all is well with you.

    Have a Happy New Year of the Water Snake. Should be interesting… This is the year my daughter was born in, twenty-four years ago, that is.

    Ledia Runnels


  11. Status quo is a good decision.


  12. Love it…Leave it!!


  13. So glad common sense has prevailed. It won’t be long (ie when you are world famous) before you are looking back at this moment and asking yourself how come you could have been so crazy as to even contemplate tinkering with this.

    Keep ’em coming!


  14. Happy New Year!


  15. Happy New Year..great results. Not everything has to change..whew! 🙂


  16. Excellent . WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.


  17. What a benevolent leader you are. 😉


  18. Sorry I missed the poll – no worries since I agree with the majority, you and your blog are perfect as they are! I love the inquiry and exploration – and trust you got some validation that you are on the right track! Happy New Year, David!


  19. Alex Jones says:

    Yay! Democracy that works.


  20. I am glad at least here people don’t want you to make any change like we all do when we are committed :p you have to change this or that. Dave you ROCK!


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