Wally’s Great Adventures (54)

hello friends, wally here. i’m missing Sully so much after he left. naps and night time without my bro-bff just aren’t the same. speaking about night time, my tummy has been a little upset lately, 2x around 2:30 am my tummy starts to girgle, and then up it comes, brown gunk all over the white duvet cover and then mom rushes me onto the floor where i finish my business. and then mom yells at dad saying that he might get out of bed and help so she can clean up the mess, and dad says just leave it, he’s not getting up, ’he’s exhausted’, he doesn’t mind sleeping ‘in it’ and ‘its not so bad’. mom fires back, ‘are you kidding me!’ so mom takes care of the bedding, dad takes me outside where its freezing cold, and he’s not happy (again) and says that good boys don’t be puking on the bed. and i should stop eating scat and dust bunnies and other crap because i was cutting into his sleep time, cutting into the few hours of sleep that he manages to get in, and he cant be walking around like a zombie all day. i don’t know what a zombie is but it doesn’t sound good. anywho, we all get back into bed, my tummy feels better, i cozy with mom, she loves me and doesn’t yell at me like dad, and there’s dad mumbling about not being able to sleep, and he’s staring bug-eyed reading something on his light box. that’s all for tonight friends. Wally.


  1. Oh poor you. All pups get funny tummies at times. Hope you are feeling better now. Hugs and snuggles. xo


  2. aw, i’m sorry you’re going through that


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    Hey there … we are with you!! … “hello friends, wally here. i’m missing Sully so much after he left. naps and night time without my bro-bff just aren’t the same.”


  4. 😦

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  5. I hope that tummy of yours feels better, Wally…how smart of you to cuddle up with mom …and perhaps she’ll encourage your dad to take a nap…


  6. Wally, once again I realize how important is your role in life. Puppies get people ready to have smaller people to take care of, exhaustingly, with unconditional love. (Even if some puppies aren’t as dazzlingly cute as you!)💕 Glad you’re tummy is settled for a bit!


  7. What keeps you up is electronics. It’s recommended that you put away all electronics 45-1 hour before bed. That’s why you mind is swirling.


  8. Poor you…. but poor mum and dad too. Those unfortunate accidents happen, but are a real bother for your dad and mum. And dad really should get some much needed sleep. I think you should forgive him this time!
    Get better soon! Was it Sully being gone? You could be a sensitive little soul…


  9. Aw. Poor guy. And I mean Wally – not DK.


  10. novarosales says:

    Cuanto lo siento. Bendiciones para tí.


  11. Oh dear. Life is full of ups and downs. That’s what makes you stronger and an even better pup. Hang in there Wally … and keep going for the cuddles.


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