Wally’s Great Adventures (53 – “you’ve got a friend in me”)

(VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. big day. its the weekend, and my big brother came to visit. dad’s fun and all (note to self – show training can get a bit long in the tooth, but that’s ok, he means well). sully and i wrestle, play tug-o-war with my toys, play outside, go for walks with mom, and then we take long naps together, have snacks, and then i cozy with sully between mom and dad at night when we go sleep. sully’s leaving in a few hours. i will miss him. have a great night everyone. Wally.


  1. so cute and so glad you have this time together

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  2. They really do seem to like each other a lot. So sweet.


  3. Happy weekend Wally and Sully..I think dad should keep taking pictures of you guys and then make a calendar with a different pic for each month. With those faces, fame can’t far behind!


  4. So cute. You two get along so well. It’s always nice to have a friend.

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  5. Love to see you guys walking side-by-side without tangling up your leashes! That’s not easy to do, and I’m sure mom and dad appreciate it :-). Evidence of show dog material for sure!


  6. What a sweet video this is. Isn’t it just wonderful to have such a great friend.
    Dad and mum will have to invite Sully again soon….


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