Wally’s Great Adventures (39)

Wally’s Great Adventures (39). hello friends, wally here. i went outside to find light fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky, it was like magic, so beautiful. dad called it a christmas eve moment in february, so i asked him, where’s my gifts, where’s my new toys, where’s my new chewy bone. well, that just set dad off on another wild tangent. dad said when he was my age he used to get thick wool socks and oranges for xmas and wasn’t so rude like me asking for more toys, when i had so many toys already. i was getting bored with all this and i walked away cause i caught a whiff of some scat, and dad yelled at me, to stop right there, stop smelling the scat, and listen up. he told me to put my paw down, stop looking for birds, I’m not a bird dog and will never be one. i barked at dad and said that wasn’t nice. dad then asked me to look at his back, and then his knees, he said that all these body parts hurt from carrying my load, working day and night, to buy my dog food, pay my vet bills, pay for all these fancy jackets, and now all these toys. he said he’s not having it, he can’t work til he’s 90, and I had better start carrying my load, or mom and i are going to have to go to work. he said that I can choose, shape up or go find a job. It was my choice. dad saw my eyes bulge out, and he said, he’s not kidding. just at that moment the little, fluffy snow ended. dad, ever powerful, turned the christmas eve moment into freezing rain so i ran to the door to go inside. where’s mom, i love mom and I’m sure she won’t tell me to go to find a job. i’ll keep you posted. goodnight everyone. Wally.


  1. Those photos gave me a new understanding of ‘puppy-dog eyes’ 🥺 How could one possibly look into those eyes and yell about jobs?!


  2. Looking at the adorable mug I am quite convinced that you could NEVER do anything to make me yell at you, Wally. And tell Dad he needs to sit outside a bit longer until he is ‘chill.’ 😉


  3. Just let go into the innocence and unconditional love that it Wally 💕 so often we act out our stuff and judgements and think they are doing the same. But these guys are so innocent. We have much to learn from them 💕💐💛


  4. I’m with Lori. Dad needs to stay outside and chill. You can sit in Mom’s lap and watch him from the window.

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  5. I seriously think we have a good possible source of income for Wally, Mom and Dad–this blog. As long as WordPress doesn’t own the rights. I tried to look at their “Terms of Service” and couldn’t agree to spend my valuable time and eyesight on reading it. I see an adult book (for adults) about getting a new puppy. [the photographs and DK’s-Wally’s thoughts–not our comments] It’s hilarious!.

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  6. and if you ever wanted to get a job, there is not an hr person on the planet who could turn you down.

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  7. I think it’s so cute the way he lifts one paw. But I just had a thought – he doesn’t have something going on between his toes, does he? Sometimes they get a seed or a little pebble stuck…. But if he’s just being cute, he’s succeeding.


  8. Wally you‘re absolutely pawsome and SO adorable. I suggest pa reads Dale‘s, Val‘s, and Lori‘s comments – I have nothing new to add. You‘re the most loveable French man I‘ve ever met (and I‘ve met a few)

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  9. Hey little guy, go find mom and snuggle in…and sometimes a puppy hat with ear flaps that can muffle things, can be a good thing…just sayin’😉

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