Water, Highly Commended: Romain Miot (France)

Location: Oualata, Mauritania

Caption: I met this salt caravan after a four-day expedition into the middle of the Sahara desert. No roads lead to this place, so we navigated by compass. Hundreds of dromedaries and their masters were present on this desert plain where nothing lives.

Two wells had been dug to water the camels before they left for Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso to sell the salt. When I returned from the trip I realised that this image of a camel owner ordering the dromedaries looked like a conductor with an orchestra

Source: “The worldly winners and finalists of the 2022 Travel Photographer of the Year competition in, January 31, 2023

Notes: Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again.


  1. He conducts a fine choir but it’s obvious that the tenor primo uomo Caleb is delayed enjoying his spa! Happy February and Hump Day, Dave! ✨🐫

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  2. The Jacuzzi bubbler broke down, but the resourceful Mahmoud found an alternative way to get his therapeutic bubble bath.


  3. this is an amazing happy hour


  4. Belly up to the bar, boys!


  5. NO No no! That sounded like a bunch of thirsty camels munching on sand! We are performing Mozart here, not Led Zeppelin! Once again… From the top…


  6. What a wondrous sight! Some creatures can cooperate in harmony…


  7. Wonderful photo — but such a thin camel-herd.. seems like a hard life; I hope it’s better than I’d guess!


  8. You can see on the sides of the trough how high the water level was. I hope those camels waiting so patiently at the back are able to get a drink before it runs out. Judging by the man’s ankles, there’s not much water left.


  9. Hey, Caleb’s back! Drinks on the house! Happy hour, it’s got to be 5PM somewhere!


  10. Not so much a Happy Hour as the Battle of Who gets there before there‘s nothing left….. Still; a very special photo, sadly (for me) not very uplifting, I fear there wasn‘t enough for all of them quite desiccated (?) animals.


  11. A monochromatic vista…


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