Wally’s Great Adventures (10)

hello everyone, wally here. i’m helping dad with his planks, planks so his back doesn’t flare up.  any-who, back to dad.  just look at him. what is flaring up are his ears, his face & the veins on his forehead, we have like a medical emergency here so it is wally to the rescue. i first crawled underneath dad hoping to prop him up & dad shouted that this “wasn’t bloody helpful walter.” dad calls me walter when i’m making trouble. still, something was very wrong here. dad was breathing so heavy, and his face was like a tomato, and his arms trembling, i think he was hallucinating & he must be playing the opposite game. so i grabbed the knot in the drawstring from his hoodie & started reefing on it trying to pull dad down. his elbows were broken & wouldn’t come down. “WALLY, GET OUT!” dad looked ill. mom was laughing. i barked telling her that this was not funny & dad was in big trouble.  then dad said he had 10 secs to go and it would be over thank god. omg, dad is dying.  then suddenly dad collapsed to the ground and i thought he was dead so i dropped the drawstring & ran over to his ear & bit down on it to resuscitate him. dad lifted his head & lifted me up with my teeth locked onto his ear, his head like a giant construction crane. it was so much fun and dad was alive!  “DAMN IT WALLY, F*CKING LET GO.”  i barked at dad & told him that wasn’t nice esp since i saved him.  dad rolled around the floor holding his ear saying i made him bleed. come on dad, they are just baby teeth. dad said he was doing crunches tomorrow and i wouldn’t be within 3 miles of him. i don’t know about miles or crunches but i’ll be close by right here to rescue him forever when he’s in trouble. ok friends, it’s wally’s nap time. have a great day.


  1. Wally is cute but I’m just excited to see another Apple Watch Ultra user!

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  2. from a dog’s perspectives, everything surely, is experienced and interpreted, differently all right…

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  3. I’m all with you Wally. Your life saving exercise went well and I fully understand your concerns for dad’s welfare. Even I had a shock seeing dad with those veins standing out and his red skin. You saved his life and the little bite in the ear is totally excusable. You’re the hero of the day. ❤️🙈🐶

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  4. How can you write this and not laugh out loud???

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  5. OMG! You’re lucky Wally was there to save you. And him being so tiny, that was extra brave of him. Such a cutie he is.

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  6. looks like you were the one who almost got ‘crunched’ today. glad you saved dad’s life, you are a hero.

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  7. Absolutely hilarious! Dogs and yoga go hand in hand. You are on it Wally 👍🏼
    I am curious – how long was the plank?

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  8. Wally, Richard Simmons has nothing on you! Working that training like a champ, zipping under Dad’s tummy to make sure he doesn’t cheat (remember Dad, no tents or hammocks when we’re planking!) and then a little nip on the ear to ensure you have good blood flow. I think Dad is wicked lucky to have a trainer who gives it his all. Can’t wait to hear how you announce Dad’s new six-pack….😉

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  9. I actually lol-ed in a quiet study space 🤣 Thanks for the joy on this morning ☀️

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  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hey, WALLY!! … “i’ll be close by right here to rescue him forever when he’s in trouble. ok friends, it’s wally’s nap time. have a great day.”

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  11. Wally, you are by far the cutes first responder I know. And yes, the ear is the spot to bite on if you ever see dad not acting like himself.

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  12. Sorry but this has me laughing hard. Wally certainly looks little in these pictures. I have tried doing yoga with my dogs in the room. It just doesn’t work and forget trying to relax.

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  13. Nice to see you in front of the camera DK! Keep up the planks! Not easy that’s for sure! 😊

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  14. P.s. laughing engages core muscles. Do more!

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  15. niasunset says:

    so cute Wally seems a Little Big One! Oh dear David, this should be your new exercise partner, please let Wally to learn and to try with you… Wally seems so BIG than you. Thank you, Love, nia

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