Wally’s Great Adventures (11)

hello everyone, wally here. i’m having an off day, more on that in a moment. that’s me and my bro sully in the pic up top.  he’s here visiting us for thanksgiving. dad calls this the frenchie train. frenchies love to sleep between legs, its warm and safe there. and since sully is older and i’m the baby, i don’t get to pick the pole position. if i bury my head far enough down, i can minimize the downwind vapors. i can’t wait to grow up so i get big-boy privileges. speaking of that, i’ve been having trouble sleeping, and i pee-peed in my day bed today. i’m afraid this may be due to anxiety, because i think i may have been adopted. but mom would never lie, would she? with dad, on the other hand, anything is possible. well, i may be quiet, but i watch. oh, i watch. i watch dad slide sully cheese pizza under the table yesterday. today he sneaks sully a few intra meal snacks.  he thinks i don’t see, but i see. oh, i see.  and this morning, dad was gone with sully for 2 hours for a long walk at cove island park. and wow, he even got sully in a beautiful sunrise shot among other dandies here. and my pic? look at me out of focus with my head up sully’s a**. that’s just not right.  as dad likes to say, i don’t get shat but yelled at, and if things don’t shape up around here, he’s ain’t seen what bad could look like. dad says that i need to be more grateful, as it’s thanksgiving tomorrow. i took some time thinking about dad’s lesson on being grateful. so i looked at the picture he took of me below. look at me. my head is like 3x the size of my body, it’s disproportionately large. mom said that’s normal and i’ll grow into my body. dad asks mom if that is why we got a discount when they bought me. jesus. it’s hard to be grateful with dad’s pep talks. anyway, i had better see some turkey snacks tomorrow, or you are going to see sully rain down hell around here. ok friends, it’s wally’s nap time. happy thanksgiving!




  1. Keep telling stories about Wally. It gives me such joy…I can always count on at least one giggle…sometimes a big laugh. I love your blog. Although, sometimes I’ve seen enough sunrise photos from the cove. Keep walking. Try to be patient with Wally. Remember: you are the intelligent one.

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  2. Wally, you’re the best. I really hope you get to try some turkey tomorrow.

    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones ❤️

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  3. not to worry, one day you’ll be the engineer of the franchise train. have dad read ‘the little engine that could’ to you at bedtime,

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  4. Your day will come Big little dog. In the meantime enjoy your big bro and keep learning from Mom and Dad😊

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  5. I’m sure you’ll be giving thanks for sweet Wally tomorrow (and every day).

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  6. Hang tough, Wally! Your moment in the sun is coming. Dad talks tough, but I’m confident you’re his main man.

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  7. It’s hard being the youngest but in no time at all, you won’t feel anxious, you won’t do the pee-pees in the wrong places and you’ll be just as big as Sully. You’ll see. Meanwhile, hope dad slips you a little chunk of turkey today… Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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  8. Happiest of Thanksgiving, Kanigan clan…and enjoy your first Thanksgiving, Wally? I’m sorry you’re feeling a bit tetchy at night – your mom and dad will know what to do to ease that situation. After all, no one else in the house, still pees in their bed (to the best of my knowledge), so I think you can count on them – and growing up a little bit more. Maybe dad can buy a little baby bjorn and take you to the cove? Ok, I’m beginning to hear him through the ether, so I’ll stop. Enjoy it all, everyone!!

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  9. Oh Wally we love your big adorable head! All of your blogging buddies are thankful you are part of the Kanigan family. Enjoy your turkey, just don’t overdo it. Hugs and Kisses xo

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  10. Dear Wally,

    Newsflash! Hoomans do not adopt dogs. We, the superior canine, choose our hoomans as we recognize the lessons they need to learn and have the superior intelligence to teach them.

    Now, when it comes to your lady, unlike my Louise who keeps disappearing to visit those miniature hoomans she calls The Littles, your lady seems pretty smart and full of attributes we teach hoomans all the time — unconditional love, patience, acceptance, tolerance and of course, how to be kind no matter who’s peed in your bed.

    So, fret not dear Wally, you are not adopted – you adopted them! And though the challenge of training DK may be daunting at times, you my friend have the capacity to love him, even when he’s being a grouchy ole’ hooman who doesn’t share well or know how to talk soft.

    Keep your chin up buddy. That head of yours is full of more doggone wisdom than that ole’ hooman will ever know! The best you can do is share as much as you can and hopefully one day, he’ll come to his senses. You’re the best doggone teacher he will ever have!

    Your buddy in DogDom,

    Sir Beaumont the Sheepadoodle

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    • hey sir Beaumont. you sound so wise compared to the hoomans I hang around with. how do I get knighted and be called “Sir”?

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      • Easy Peasy Wally
        The wiser than comes naturally, you because you are by nature smarter than hoomans — though your Lady sounds pretty smart.
        As to how I got the Sir — which is my Knightdawg, well, that’s a story only to be told hangin’ out around the water bowl.
        But… maybe for you young dawg, this Sunday, I’ll regale you with the story of my heroics that led to my Knightdawg on my blog – come on over to Sundays with Beaumont and we can chew the bone and I’ll tell ya’ all about it. It’s a doozie of a tail wag!
        Your faithful dawgant,

        Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle Dandy

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    Awesome Wally … “ok friends, it’s wally’s nap time. happy thanksgiving!”


  12. “he thinks i don’t see, but i see. oh, i see.” I cackled 😂


  13. niasunset says:

    Wally you are at the top! All eyes on you… Keep sharing with us, we are all in your side… Thank you, Love, nia

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