Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

I hadn’t done drugs since sniffing Lady Esquire shoe polish when I was fifteen. I didn’t need to. I felt the pinch of wonder. I felt everything sharply, the people we met, the sensation of being in a body, of eating or drinking. I knew there was darkness in the world, but I was sure it would not overpower us; rather, we would let ourselves be overpowered by the beauty of our discoveries as we traveled through this world. Railway stations and underground trains, the commons, a magnificent oak in a park, the redbrick Victorian buildings of England and Wales, the Georgian splendor of Edinburgh, of Glasgow with its occasional black eye. And the beautiful searching eyes of our audience. Every night, the show. The ragged and sometimes glorious show.

— Bono, “Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono” (Knopf, November 1, 2022)

Photo: via Zimbio


  1. ‘The ragged and sometimes glorious day’…Ah Bono, I’m a forever fan…

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  2. love his approach to all of it

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  3. I love this…
    LOVE it.
    And I thought people did drugs to feel less.

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    BONO!! … awesome!! … “Bono, “Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono” (Knopf, November 1, 2022).”


  5. Amongst others, he did an amazing interview on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Plus, he sang an Evergreen, but interlaced with texts from his book. A fascinating and wonderful talk and presentation. He’s a great guy….

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  6. yes, yes, yes!

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  7. I admire him more and more.

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  8. Bono is pure and amazing! Was it the Feed the Children global show of singers?…where the last singers were Freddie Mercury with his so powerful voice given to the world, and then, the final singer, Bono, who’s voice was the most powerful of all–reaching all nations and probably all planets! Loved his realness with Steven Colbert where he let himself be brought to tears! Drugs and addictions get in the way of being that real…and conversely…he’s an example!

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