Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

I start each day by letting in light and doing something for someone I love, in order to do what needs to be done to repair our small part of the world. Then I listen, and that listening becomes the perch from which I chance to see all we are a part of. The day unfolds and I get excited, then annoyed, then confused, and tired. I eat and sleep and do it all over again. When I get tangled in the tasks, it can seem like hell. But when the light illuminates the inside of things, like today, and the coffee is brewed, things go quiet, and there’s nothing else I could ask for.

Mark NepoThings That Join the Sea and the Sky

Notes: Nepo via Make Believe Boutique. Photo: Coffee (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. it becomes as it’s meant to be once more –

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  2. Getting outside oneself to do something for another is so simple, and yet so satisfying and palliative. Here’s to a week of small kindnesses….

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    ‘I start each day by letting in light and doing something for someone I love, in order to do what needs to be done to repair our small part of the world … ” and more!! … Mark Nepo, Things That Join the Sea and the Sky


  4. Anonymous says:

    hmm, first thing I do is look out the windows to see what Mother Nature is doing…now, all greens of many hues, and the large hotels for squirrels: sycamore trees. …then I do something to help me–yoga exercises so I don’t seize up! Helping others is for everyone. My inherent credo comes from A Course In Miracles, beginning, “I am here only to be truly helpful….” Life always brings the opportunities.

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  5. hmm, I begin each day looking out the window to see what Mother Nature is up to…today many hues of greens, and the hotels for squirrels: the sycamores. Then, I have to do something to help myself: yoga exercises so that I don’t seize up. Always, noting down dreams, reflecting and meditating…to be “available” to be helpful. “I am here only to be truly helpful…” begins my inherent credo from A Course In Miracles.

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  6. Alan Malizia says:

    Enjoy and place emphasis on the little things. For they are truly the most important and when they are gone will be regrettably missed the most.

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  7. Lori put it so beautifully: Let this be a week of kindnesses! I can only agree.
    Had a great little experience to share with you guys: Returned to Paris from Zurich. TGV (Train grande vitesse) – although I was seated with my back to the baggage rack (yep, I seem to have a licence for this seat, when you book early and the ride costs less, they squeeze you in places like that – and my next trip to Zurich is exactly the same place in the same carriage – so I’ll be prepared!), the miracle was that the seat next to me wast reserved and I had the 2 places all to myself for the 4+hrs. Then, in Paris, I caught the earlier train which saved me another 20′ AND arriving at my final destination, a woman who came to her parked car saw me and smiled and said: Can I drive you somewhere? This never, ever happened to me in my 11+ years in the Paris region! Smiles! SMILES!!!! And an offer to be driven…. unthinkable. I declined with many thanks, as I live some minutes only from the station! 🙂
    Kindnesses…. little signs of caring and love; and the day is going to be a good one!

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