Normal People

Last night he spent an hour and a half lying on the floor of his room, because he was too tired to complete the journey from his en suite back to his bed. There was the en suite, behind him, and there was the bed, in front of him, both well within view, but somehow it was impossible to move either forward or backward, only downward, onto the floor, until his body was arranged motionless on the carpet. Well, here I am on the floor, he thought. Is life so much worse here than it would be on the bed, or even in a totally different location? No, life is exactly the same. Life is the thing you bring with you inside your own head.

~ Sally Rooney, Normal People (Hogarth, April 16, 2019).

DK Rating: Highly Recommended. Sally Rooney, 28 years old, and to write like this, Wow…



  1. Heard a review of this book on NPR just the other day and was intrigued. Had added it to the queue. Looks like I need to bump it up the line a bit more…

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  2. Yes there was no difference where he slept all in the mind

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  3. This could be you. No sleep. “DK, so tired, was found on the floor in the train during the morning commute..” It was three days before anyone noticed, mainly because they were too self-absorbed with their phones and their busy lives” ha 😛

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  4. it is always within, no matter where you find yourself at any given moment

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    NORMAL PEOPLE … ‘ Life is the thing you bring with you inside your own head.’ … Sally Rooney, Normal People (Hogarth, April 16, 2019). An more …


  6. Looks like I’ll have to add yet another book to my queue…
    Have a great day, David.

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  7. Not one I’m in a hurry to read. Had to plough through your links first – but an amazing talent she is! The choice of words!

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  8. I knew when I read the words ‘normal people” this wasn’t a post about my family but then again it could be

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  9. Just started…

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