Lightly Child, Lightly

But mostly I live here in the capricious present
Writing down one thing, then the next.
Autumn passes like empty freight cars—

Some doors open, some doors closed—
Light flickers and flashes through the cracks.
The trees are a thousand species of fires.

Eric Pankey, from “Southern Elegy,” Trace: Poems



  1. Oh, How I love this! Including the magnificent photo representing so beautifully the quote. Thank You

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Nature is amazing!! … it’s soothing and it calms the soul. A moment with nature recharges the batteries … take me there!!

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  3. Staying in the moment pays off

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  4. OMG! DK, this is EXACTLY the scene from my recurring nightmares of bears. I’m walking along this path and I know the bears are coming down the hill at the far end where the path goes around the bend, and that’s where they will meet me and give me unwanted bear hugs. I’m going to have bad dreams tonight. I just know it!

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  5. “Autumn passes like empty freight cars—” assuming the train is long, slow and at times sitting on a siding, waiting until its time to move onward through the changing light of the season…

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  6. the photo…I am not use to seeing pencil thin trees.

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  7. Gorgeous photo!

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  8. Beautiful words like these (with photo) make me cry as I jump onto that freight train.

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  9. What a gorgeous image.
    Autumn as empty freight cars…

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