It’s been a long day

On some nights it’s best to stop thinking about the past, and all that’s been won and lost.

On nights like this, just getting into bed, crawling between the clean white sheets, is a great relief.

Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic


Notes: Photo – windworkss. Quote – shitiunderline


  1. It’s the future, not the past!
    But crawling into bed is the best solution.

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  2. Sometimes fresh clean sheets can be the most powerful elixir. Sweet dreams, pal!

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  3. As long as you sleep it is! 😴😴

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  4. yes, that is a refreshing place to be


  5. Sometimes I see a post and think, that’s not for me and then I’ll go there and I read and I’m always astonished…oh that was so very for me. You do this with regularity. Thank you.

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  6. When it’s time to sleep..we are usually thinking about next day..that is future.

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  7. Speaking of which… it’s been a long day. Time to snuggle in my freshly made bed with flannel sheets…

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  8. Oh, last night- fresh sheets, fresh nightgown and very fresh air! (as we just set up the portable air filter using it for the first time, the air was so ionized by the time we went to bed 🙂 I am so thankful for the clean air! ) (Tuesday night)

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  9. Amen, my friend.


    – Julian _/|\_

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  10. Alice Hoffman – could you please tell that to my brain…? 😉 Ta!

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  11. Or on a cold NE night, in between the flannel sheets 🥶

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