Sunday Morning

Angels are wonderful but they are so, well, aloof.
It’s what I sense in the mud and the roots of the
trees, or the well, or the barn, or the rock with
its citron map of lichen that halts my feet and
makes my eyes flare, feeling the presence of some
spirit, some small god, who abides there.

If I were a perfect person, I would be bowing
I’m not, though I pause wherever I feel this
holiness, which is why I’m so often late coming
back from wherever I went.

Forgive me.

~ Mary Oliver, “Forgive Me” in Blue Horses

Sources: Poem – Thank you Whiskey River. Photo – Lichen by Mathieu Noël


  1. Happy Sunday morning!!

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  2. ah, to be able to stay there just a bit longer….

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  3. Reblogged this on Carrie's Bench and commented:
    Angels unaware


  4. No forgiveness required Mary. Just gratitude and love for the moments you capture and share. And to you Dave 💕

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  5. Mary Oliver.
    My friend.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Angels ARE wonderful … and they ARE always with you!! Today and always, we need Angels with all of us!!


  7. Mary Oliver has a Reverent Wonder for Nature…love the photo…

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  8. We could all do with a lot more bowing in the world Mary.

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  9. Forgive US, Mary, for not stopping often enough to bow…

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