Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

It isn’t long after we arrive
that everyone starts pointing
and telling us where we need
to be and what we need to do
to get there. There’s no time
to really ask why. Soon, things
happen and we’re thrown off
course and now there’s all this
effort to win their approval. If
lucky, love will distract us more
than suffering. If blessed, we’re
broken of everyone’s plans and
regrets and thrown like a hooded
bird into a sea of light.

If trusting
the fall, we find our wings.

~ Mark Nepo, “Where We Need to Be” in The Way Under the Way: The Place of True Meeting 

Notes: Photo: (via Your Eyes Blaze Out). Poem: Thank you Make Believe Boutique


  1. Love this passage, pal, it hate that it was birthed in insomnia. Maybe it’s time to seek professional help?

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  2. Falling into the week like this beautiful bird, or thrown into the week!
    Have a great one 🙂

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  3. Beautifully expressed Mark Nepo. Finding our own path and having the courage to spread our wings is the answer 🍂

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  4. wings out!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    just what I needed to wake up … with a smile!!

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  6. Oh David, thank you for sharing Mark Nepo and that beautiful bird video. Personally, I think that we are the ones who in our heads are,
    telling us where we need
    to be and what we need to do
    to get there
    and, so we have to learn to shut that up, and get clear enough to fly.

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  7. What a fabulous morning wake-up call, David. And another one I need to read… Bloody hell… 😉
    Wings spread, ready to take on the day!

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  8. May the week be full of beautiful landings Dave 💛

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  9. eye candy
    soul food
    happiness drink



  1. […] via Monday Morning Wake-Up Call […]

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