Jerry Seinfeld: “This guy just makes me laugh…”

If you can’t access the video above, go here: Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco on family



  1. “Just laugh”

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  2. That’s what we need to do, just laugh!! A funny man.

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  3. Nothing I hate more than YouTube when the “uploader has not made this video available in my country”…

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  4. I enjoyed that clip. I like his view of what humour is. He relates it to family situations we can all identify with. There isn’t all that shock value of bad language, sick sex, and cruel picking on the failings of others that some comedians use. It’s all done good-naturedly. Nice post, DK.

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  5. Saw this segment this morning. I’ve always liked him….he’s just great.

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  6. Never heard of the man before but he is really, really magnificently great!!! Just laugh – the best advice anybody can give. It’s my slogan too – not alway well received by the more serious peeps …. but I no longer care. Laughing about oneself is the greatest anyway. Just had a family meal and my sides hurt from laughing…. A wonderful video. Shall see if I find more of him. Thanks

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  7. One of my all-time favorite comedians, David. Thank you! Cher xo

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  8. The best comedians always show us what we need to see about ourselves. May humor continue to make us question and shift how societies around the world see themselves and others 💛

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  9. This is the first thing I ever saw from Sebastian Maniscalco. I’ve been laughing ever since. Well worth watching, even if you have to do it in chunks.

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  10. thanks for sharing this, i’ve never heard of him and love his humor!

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  11. I’m a first-timer for this guy, too, but he’s great. And Lord knows we could ALL use a good laugh these days…. Thx pal!!

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  12. Right there with ya, DK…

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  13. That was refreshing David–Thank you. He is so familiar to me. If my brother Dana was a comedian, this would be his style. Even looks like him as a younger man. Perhaps we are related through our Sicilian ancestry, but more likely it’s a cultural thing. Love him.

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