Sunday Morning

Holy silence is spacious and inviting. You can drink it down. We offer it to ourselves when we work, rest, meditate, bike, read. When we hike by ourselves, we hear a silence still pristine with crunching leaves and birdsong…During congregational silences, in meditation rooms or halls, in prison cells and meeting rooms, in silent confession at church, all these screwed-up people like us, with tangled lives and minds, find their hearts opening through quiet focus. In unfolding, we are enfolded, and there is a melding of spirits, a melding of times, eternal, yesterday morning, the now, the ancient, even as we meet beneath a digital clock on the wall, flipping its numbers keeping ordinary time in all that timelessness.

~ Anne LamottHallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy

Notes: Quote – Thank you Make Believe Boutique. Photo: Franziska Korries (via Newthom)


  1. Early mornings are this for me…a time to pause, reflect, renew, recommit.

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  2. we all seek, and hope to find, these moments and spaces in time and place. beautiful –

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  3. roseanne333 says:

    So vital for me, and dare I say, for all? LoveLove AL.
    Perfect way to start my Sunday. Thanks, David.

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  4. … In unfolding we are enfolded …. Love Anne Lamott and her words.
    May your Sunday be like this, Dave 💛
    I’ll be driving north to Kripalu after teaching this morning. Looking forward to the congregational silence … and having fun too. Its all about balance and understanding what our body, mind and spirit need.

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  5. Oh yes! wonderful message for this morning…Holy silence is spacious and inviting.

    And, then! Will you ever bring a better gift for the world
    than the breathing respect that you carry
    wherever you go right now?

    You’re the kind of “preacher” I love!

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  6. Love Anne Lamott. Loses me when she gets godly, but can usually circle back to us conscientious atheists. Truth is Truth in the hands of such a writer.

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  7. Love this.

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  8. “When we hike by ourselves, we hear a silence still pristine with crunching leaves and birdsong…” NOT OFTEN THE CASE! Most people I see out walking have music plugged into their ears and they aren’t even aware of the beauty around them. A real shame. I like music, but ….

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  9. Perfect for a Sunday morning, David. Thank you for sharing.
    I get my meditation on usually, when walking Zeke. I love when we stop and there is utter silence. Not a sound, no traffic, no birds, no buzz. It usually only lasts for a short moment but is so peaceful…

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  10. AMEN to this. To me Sundays = church. There I find solace, peace, comfort, strength but also joy, singing, discussions. Then a more or less ‘quiet’ rest of the day, often with a gathering of inner strength for the week to come.
    Aaah, walks with a pet – I’m missing that too! I find some sort of meditation when I let my thoughts run free. It can be doing a menial task, or working/enjoying (in) the garden, taking photos, writing – even reading lets me form thoughts of comfort/pain/seeking solutions…. I know I lead a privileged life and I’m thankful for it. I just don’t know how it was possible before to work and raise a family and look after pets and and and ….

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  11. A beautiful thought! I find my best thinking and ideas happens on a walk or during some quiet time.

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  12. Sunrises and sunsets! They remind me that in silence these miracles happen everyday. 🌈☀️🌈☀️

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