Monday Morning: I want to be the world, freshly washed.

Inside the body of the world
there lives a vine
that awakens
in footprints and rootprints,

that touches our suffering

that heals the broken earth

that intertwines our pulses

until our breaths carry a new seed

within them.

While we sleep rain saturates the land
and in the morning
a luminescence
tunnels through fog.

I want to be the world, freshly washed.

~ Karissa Knox Sorrell, from “Luminescence,” Gravel Magazine

Notes: Poem – Memory’s Landscape. Photo:, May 17, 2018, Rodrigo Garrido


  1. What a lovely thought for a Monday, pal! I’m in!

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  2. Wonderful! Thank you, dear David, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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  3. yes, a cleansing on every level. beautiful

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  4. I want to be the world, freshly washed too.

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  5. You are! I am! We are! …if we say so. Intriguing photograph…

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  6. After the rain it is always so fresh, especially after many dry, dusty days.

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  7. Oh my. I am sinking into the morning, refreshed.

    I am one with the world around me, freshly washed.

    Thanks David for a beautiful awakening.

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  8. I want to be the world, freshly washed. – Karissa Knox Sorrell

    Oh yeah I do too….. (she said, right after a magnificent cleansing refreshing summer storm!)

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