Saturday Noon

the hour of twelve noon
And so you feel
your hair caught up in the sun’s fingers
holding you free in the light and the wind.

~ Yiannis Ritsos, from “Summer,” in Repetitions, Testimonies, Parentheses

Notes: Poem via the distance between two doors. Photo: Alexander Kozhevnikov (via see more)


  1. You are clearly in a different climate zone than I am…sigh….

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  2. Christie says:

    I hunger for that feeling…out on the garden bed alongside the Aspen tree, sit a glass of water and a phone on the side shelf, the radio & camera beside me, tucked under the pillow two Kleenex reside…I work on my PT exercises, enveloped by the warm air, under the blue sky which on some days dots of puffy white clouds linger over the old growth …when the sun moves I draw the overhead and side curtains for shade where I welcome time to think….dazzled by the selection of background music and feeling grateful that the Pt exercises are done and now I can just be…out on the garden bed//// I have had times likes this this winter when the bed isn’t covered by the snow, or assaulted by the rains…he daily checks the protective winter covering to see if I can use the garden bed…just yesterday he went out to inspect and relived a dam of water only to get an icy cold torrent of water showering and soaking his clothes…someday later this spring the winter covering will be released and times of bliss will return…

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  3. Just a normal day in Australia! ☀️☀️ Beautiful writing 🌈

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  4. That photo is absolutely sublime.
    I’m due for “my hair to be caught up in the sun’s fingers”…

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