Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Source: Cherly Jong (Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia)




  1. Just saw a similar line-up at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru….

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  2. hangry!

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  3. Haha – great morning smile! Thanks. 🙂

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    Something beautiful … this way comes!!

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  5. That poor little bird on the far right looks like it might not make it. See the eye? I bet it’s always the last baby bird to get a feeding (if ever) and that droopy eye and its small size make me think it isn’t a survivor. I’ve seen that look on little birds that die of the cold or starvation here sometimes. But that’s “Mother Nature” at work. Good old “Mother” making sure only the fittest survive. Somehow I can’t buy into her philosophy, although I know it works. Imagine how the world would be if humans were like that. We’d say they were cruel and thoughtless. So do we embrace “Mother Nature” or don’t we? Oh there I’ve gone and ruined a pretty picture again. Who put that soapbox under my feet?

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  6. Great capture!

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