The Not New Yorker (Christmas 2017)

Source: “The Not Yorker” is a collection of declined or late cover submissions to The New Yorker, curated by illustrators who love and admire traditional cover illustration. This site is for celebrating cover art, and great ideas that didn’t make it.  Illustrators are encouraged to submit their rejected covers , so that they might have the opportunity to be rejected by this group as well. The site is not officially affiliated with The New Yorker

This declined cover is was created by John Tomac and titled “Christmas 2017”.



  1. i love this and the site – love that it gives them a second chance to be rejected. only a strong creative with a sense of humor sees the joy in that )

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  2. Very clever. It says something about the indomitable spirit of those associated with the city, too. ‘You reject me? Oh really. Well I take your rejection and raise it one…’ Terrific.

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  3. Such a special club. The Rejected. Though it does make me wonder, what happens if you had your cover submission accepted and then decided to submit another, and it was rejected — are you then a Groucho Marx tagline?

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Trying to get in the spirit? … good one!!

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  5. The lure of multiple rejections…only in NY. And maybe…LA ?

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  6. Ah-h New York is the mecca of rejection…literary in all categories, try outs for actors and actresses, singers, dancers, athletes, and jobs, jobs, jobs. Let’s hope it teaches all of us to be “better sports in life”!

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  7. I love it!

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  8. Cool! 😀

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  9. Well, I had a good laugh at this and several more when checking out the website. Global rejections…. but super-doooper Not.Covers…. scary too!!!

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