Walking: Just to be, and soak it in, rather than conquer it and tick a box


FOLLOWING I don’t follow anything or anybody online; neither am I subscribed to any online magazines. I think I’m just too old and set in my ways for Twitter, etc. I still care about manners, spelling and punctuation, for Christ’s sake. Watching my kids and their intense relationship with the online world, I can see that it’s just a totally different mind-set; a different way of being even.

WALKING. These days my favorite pastime is to just go for a walk and if it’s out in the wilds, then all the better. Recent trips have included the Isle of Skye, the North Cornish coast and the Lake District, all of which were spectacular. It’s about taking your time to traverse rather than just climb a mountain and come back down again. Sometimes you climb up a mountain and find a tiny little lake, a weird little ecosystem with its dragonflies buzzing around. You just spend some time in this strange, magical spot. Just to be, and soak it in, rather than conquer it and tick a box. That’s my approach.

~ David Gray, from “Download by Kate Murphy” (New York Times Nov 26, 2016)



  • Photo: Digitaltrends
  • If you’ve never heard of David Gray (what planet have you been residing on), check out his classic hit: Babylon


  1. I’ve loved David Gray for a long time…and now I know why.

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  2. WMS…😊

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  3. mhuckabee1 says:

    Headed to the City next week for Christmas shopping / eating / Broadway. Wonder if I can manage to be a “soak it in person” or will I fall into the “tick a box” trap? Have to give that some thought…..

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  4. Appreciation beyond the fray. Peacefulness.

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  5. I like the way he thinks. 💘

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  6. I know David Gray. I think I do.

    Two times a year I go off the grid, for a month or so each time.
    I was contemplating that the past few day and looking for a sign. THIS is strong enough of sign for me.

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  7. Yes, the grid – so full of possibilities and entrapments. Landing here was certainly a ‘possibility’.

    Gray’s reflection is refreshing and genuine. A reminder for all of us. His music – a perfect companion when seeking inspiration.

    Thank you, David.

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  8. makes me understand and love him more –

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