It’s been a long day


But what happens is that when I finally leave my work
abandoned inside, on top of my desk,
I desire a wordless world, desire nothing
more than the silent vines of my mind
feeling into dark places—blood-sweet—
like a tongue exploring the hole left by a tooth that’s been extracted

~ Aleida Rodriguez, Extracted from The Face of Poetry by Margaretta Mitchell


Notes: Photograph: philippe conquet with Som 15. Poem: Thank you Beth at Alive on All Channels. Related Posts: “It’s Been a Long Day



  1. ‘blood-sweet’ – perfect.

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  2. freddiegeorgia says:

    …as always…a perfect pairing of visual and lingual…that’s our David. Thanks.

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  3. Ouch!

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  4. Sounds like someone has an awful job, to feel such a need for silence after work. I remember that feeling. I loved my job, actually, but it was very stressful. And that lifeline is not going to hold….

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  5. “Mama said there would be days like this.” But everyday I come back to my secret world, it is with grateful relief and a certain joy.

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  6. Oh yes…bam

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  7. Blood, sweat and tooth nightmare… May today bring some ease!!

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  8. When you reach the end of your rope, let it go. It may just be your last act of free will.

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