5:00 P.M. Bell: We Live in the Word

 Kristina Alisauskaite

My fingers are on the keyboard.
I punch out the subject heading on the email:

“It’s high time – long overdue.”

She’s a functional partner that supports our team. I don’t know how long she’s been in the role. (Red-faced)

“Hi! Not sure why today and not yesterday, or a year ago, or two.”

She’s steady, effective. The antithesis of flamboyant.  And she’s there. Always There.

“Just wanted to say thank you for your support…”

She doesn’t interrupt. She’s a listener.  And, professional, responsive and conscientious.

“You care. It’s obvious in everything you touch…”

I proof re-read, pause, and then add:

“You matter…”

“Have a good weekend…”

My finger hovers over the ENTER key.
I Send.
A surge of warmth fills my chest.

I set my smartphone down, and wait.

And here it comes,
zipping through the wires,
and led by the incoming notification:


“What a lovely way to start the weekend. It’s difficult to describe how much your kind words are appreciated…”

Gratitude for Gratitude.

60 seconds, ok, maybe 75 seconds to compose.

The trade, a disproportionate gift in my favor.

Human to Machine to Human to Machine to Human.

We live in the word.¹



  1. I already had a great day and this made it better.
    Thanks for sharing this slice of your day, Sir!
    Put a smile on my face.

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  2. Kinda makes you wonder why we don’t do this more often..😉Happy weekend, pal..

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  3. Everyday. YES!
    Thank you for bringing your edgy gorgeousness and immense intellectual prowess with your written words David 💕

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  4. There is always a little trepidation when you send those kinds of notes. Not sure why, because, as you say, the gratitude is immense. I’m sure you made her day!

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  5. We all need gratitude and validation. You show us how easy it is to do, it doesn’t take much. We all receive from the ripple effect of this action! Namaste Mr K 🙏🏻

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  6. Kindnesses are never forgotten, David. You just entered immortality!

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  7. I absolutely, LOVED this post!
    Beautifully written and a lovely reminder for everyone of the Treasure in A Word. perfect.

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  8. Christie says:

    These words quoted, like your example of active thoughtfulness are such important manifestations of heart extension… “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa /// Yesterday (Thursday) I mailed a gift, (one that cost more to mail with signature required than it was to purchase) just a little something that reminded me of a dear neighbor lady from my childhood… so I bought it…tomorrow (Saturday) it will arrive at her home…I know she will cry …I last saw her at my Mom’s ‘Celebration of Life’ last fall and before that many, many years earlier…the kind connection she made impacted my heart as a child and I remember…so I wanted to honor and treasure her…I didn’t enclose a card, in the return address area I wrote “With Love” and my name and address…

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    • “I know she will cry”. Can feel that. Thanks Christie.


      • Christie says:

        I rec’d a thank you card from this sweet elderly woman…she said she was touched and shed tears…and invited me to stop in for a visit next time I am in her far cornor of the state…// / a current neighbor who has been through a bout with cancer and hasn’t been out and about much lately had me concerned so emailed her…telling her how much her beautiful roses brighten my daily walks and I enclosed photos of her roses, she replied with delight, having no idea that others enjoyed her roses…we exchanged a few more emails, I included some outdoor photos and she enjoyed them…I inquired if she was feeling well in one of the later emails and she said she is and is back teaching full time at the University… the power of words…

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  9. We always assume that they know how we feel. Validation in words… simple, essential.

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  10. these gestures seem small but are immensely powerful.

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  11. That’s all it takes…acknowledgement…that we exist, that we are living, breathing, sentient beings. It changes everything and the ripple goes on.

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  12. In the end, it takes so little and means SO much. To wit: last week an editor sent me a note and said, ‘You don’t just beat deadlines, you slay them.’ Hyperbole, yes, but did it make my day? My week? My month? Undeniably. You have a good heart, pal….

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  13. I love this post and I love that you reached out to your colleague! Not only does it feel so good to get these kinds of notes/affirmations, it feels really good to give them.

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  14. Such power in seeing those who co-create with us. Such power in being seen. Lovely post, David.

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