Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


Source: Head Like An Orange


  1. The day is comin’ attcha, ready or not!

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  2. And a good, good morning to you too!

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  3. up and out!

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  4. Things to do, places to go, people to see….

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  5. Thanks for the fun post! Have a happy day.

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  6. Sweet birdie! I notice that our bird feeder is getting busier as March steps in, and the woodpeckers LOVE our suet. For some reason, bird faces always bring a smile to the face. Thanks for this!

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  7. I’m guessing that’s some kind of grosbeak, judging by the chunky beak.

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  8. It’s Monday…time to fly!

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  9. At least someone is ready and raring to go.

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