Can’t Remember (20+ years and counting…)


Source: NY Times Magazine (March 4, 2016)


  1. Yesterday!

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  2. My gosh, no!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Last week

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  4. January.

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  5. MidnightBanshi says:

    Wow…..I haven’t sent a hand-written letter in a very long time. I think today’s society has become too used to the instant-gratification of email and social media.

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  6. Sadly, I cannot remember.
    But, last month I recieved a surprise package, including a hand written letter, from Artist (author / painter) Jackie Morris.
    In less than a week I came home to a special package from her.
    My hands were shaking. I felt her energy, her soul.
    After years of communicating with her strictly online, that gesture reminded me of the long lost art of hand written letters, and it’s magic.
    I was deeply touched.

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  7. David: I send at least one postcard/letter every day! When my mother was ill with cancer, over 23 years ago, a friend sent her an occasional funny note. Mom was so moved by these little snippets of news, it inspired my Postcard Project. I started the week after my mother died, Father’s Day 1994. I haven’t missed a postal service day. For 21 days in a row, someone who needs cheering up (whether they lost someone, are suffering from an illness, were let go from a job, or some such tragedy) receives a handwritten note of inspiration (sometimes from your post even!) or a titillating ditty. On occasion, I hear from the recipient but mostly I never know how they’re received. I just believe, whomever reads ’em, understands that someone “out there” is thinking of them today!

    Thanks for letting me share! Paula

    On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 9:00 PM, Live & Learn wrote:

    > David Kanigan posted: ” Source: NY Times Magazine (March 4, 2016)” >

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  8. Actually sent a few out yesterday in the post (handwritten notes) It took so long to write them! At the time I also realised I may have forgotten how to write! I don’t miss it at all. 🙂

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  9. february – handwritten letters are one of my favorite things in the world

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  10. What’s a hand written letter?…

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  11. Sent out three notes yesterday, as a matter of fact. Love writing them, love receiving them. But Paula, wow, she’s a rock star! LOVE her energy and commitment. Don’t know that I can do one a day, but I’m going to try one a week. ☺️

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  12. Did it just the other day. The hospital sent us an invoice marked “This Is Not A Bill”. So I sent them a copy of a voided check handwritten at the top “This Is Not A Payment”. 🙂

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  13. Wow, perfect timing with this one, DK. I just finished a post this a.m. about a decades long letter exchange I had with a favorite relative. Sweet. 💕

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  14. Last month, after years of neglect. I am re-discovering hand writing and loving it.

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  15. Those numbers are reason for hope! Once a week on average…

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