You can’t love something if you don’t know it exists


You will say you don’t have 10 minutes to watch.  And then, you will say, why did it end so soon.

Watch this amazing TED Talk here: Dive into an ocean photographer’s world.

“Somersaulting manta rays, dashing dolphins, swarming schools of fish and munching sharks inhabit a world beneath the ocean’s surface that few get a chance to see. Conservation photographer Thomas Peschak visits incredible seascapes around the world, and his photos reveal these hidden ecosystems. “You can’t love something and become a champion for it if you don’t know it exists,” he says. Join Peschak as he shares his stunning work and his dream for a future of respectful coexistence with the ocean.”


  1. Spectacular!

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  2. I feel this way about the elephants. Sharks, though…..

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    “Respectful coexistence with the ocean” … Amazing!

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  4. Love our Mother. This brought tears to my eyes.

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  5. stunning is right –

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  6. Magic…

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  7. Spectacular. The image at 7:25…alone, is worth the 10 minute TED talk. Thanks for taking us on this vicarious thrill ride into the ocean. 💖

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  8. Stunning video and very important message.

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    A stunning video with a very important message.

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    Glorious and awesome just don’t seem adequate to describe this video.

    With Love,

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  11. Shows what can be done to our threatened waterways if we ‘want’ it to happen. A very ‘sobering’ vid, David. Here’s to more like Thomas Peschak.

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  12. Amazing job, amazing footage! Helping us understand and work with this special world below, we can change the future.

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  13. Wow

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