Moving a million miles a minute / Slow slow slow

Allen Stone, 28, is an American soul musician from Chewelah, Washington.  His website states that people describe him as a soul and R&B singer, yet he sees himself as a “hippie with soul.” Allen Stone began his career singing at his father’s church. His father was a preacher and his mother was an OB/GYN nurse. 

Moving a million miles a minute
Slow slow slow
Your pace is dangerously close to the limit
Slow slow slow

Don’t let time slip away
Tomorrow ain’t here today

Wanna get loose?
Then just learn how to pivot
Slow slow slow
Hidden behind all the time that we keep
Years, months, weeks
I gotta find the right mindset for me
Time ain’t free

Find his website here: Allen Stone


  1. there is such a layered richness I loved it! the song took me on a wonderful journey 🙂

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  2. Looks like he’s enjoying life, doing what he likes doing – as it should be.

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  3. Love button, love button…..

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  4. wonderful, natural talent who loves what he was born to do –

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  5. Chill!! The backing group adds such richness and texture 😎

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  6. This was so nice dear David, I loved it. Thank you, Love, nia

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